The Talos Principle

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The Talos Principle

Post by Maruda » Tue Apr 07, 2015 12:05 pm

So saw this game on sale on Steam over the weekend, and a friend mentioned it was a puzzle based game ala Portal sorta, so I figured I'd give it a shot.

Very fun game. Puzzles start out stupid easy, but get pretty tough quickly. They color code the difficulty, but it's honestly out of wack as some yellow level puzzles take a minute to do, while others took me 15-20 minutes to figure out. I am probably about 25% into all the puzzles in the base game so far after 5 hours. Lots of hidden puzzles as well that get you some extra stars that let you unlock further hidden puzzles.

Now why hidden puzzles? Well the game has a pretty interesting storyline as well. You play as a robot kinda like the ones from the Will Smith movie, and along the way you run into computer terminals that slowly start feeding you the storyline. So far from what I have read it sounds like you are part of a experiment to develop a sentient AI, but there are a lot of hints that something else has happened in the real world, and mankind may be no more. Not sure exactly what is going on yet, but it sounds cool so far. From what I gather it has multiple endings depending on how much stuff you can find/unlock.

If you like puzzle FPS games, it is really nice. Well worth the 20 bucks.

As an aside, all the corrupted text/messages you run across, a lot of them are just encoded hex. You can use a online hex decoder to find out what the random looking numbers say. So far I havent run across anything super interesting from them, except for 1 hidden message that let me unlock one of the hidden stars. And that one took me an hour to figure out.
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